Doing Housework With Chronic Illness

Housekeeping is hard work housekeeping with a chronic illness makes it harder.

Joint pain, muscle aches, migraines and fatigue are my main Lyme symptoms these days. Some days are better than others but I manage to keep the house in fair order. How?

I eliminate clutter: I do not have any clutter- noneThankfully, last year before becoming sick I decluttered and I literally found a place for everything and put everything in its place. I used the Konmari Method which is an excellent way to get rid of clutter once and for all and quickly. It works. If you have a good day try to declutter it will help!

Meal Plan: I plan all our meals before I go grocery shopping. I make 1 trip to the grocery store and local market a week. That 1 trip makes my fatigue worse so I plan on a restful afternoon.  I cook 5 times a week and I designate 2 nights a week as leftover night so I don’t burn out. I also rely greatly on crockpot meals that way  I don’t have to stand for too long cooking. Fatigue is my worst enemy.

Always have an ongoing list of what needs to be done: That way on my good days I can get it done. Chores and errands are already prioritized. I don’t waste energy. I can’t waste energy.

I’m realistic: I used to follow flylady’s chore schedule but it became too much for me. I now do chores as needed.

Get my children to help: my 4 and 6 yr olds help me vacuum, put away dishes, wipe down tables, clean the bathroom and pick up toys. I do not tolerate sloppy work on their part, I give them work appropriate for their age and ability and I don’t redo what they have already done. That defeats the purpose.

Do a load of laundry a day: I  Don’t skip laundry.  I treat myself to a tv show while I do laundry to motivate me to fold everything and put away everything without stopping.

Wipe down bathroom: I  wipe down bathroom sink every night.

Get outside Help: My in-laws help me. Sometimes they pick up groceries other days they just watch my girls.

Accept Help: When someone offers help I try to accept. Sometimes this means shutting up and accepting help from my husband.

Pray: I set aside time for prayer and meditation it renews me and reminds me to offer up my sufferings.

Keep The Sabbath: On Saturday we go to confession,  Sunday we go to Mass, we go for a Sunday drive and we have a Sunday family dinner. we don’t shop, we don’t do chores and we don’t run errands. We rest. If we didn’t do this I don’t know how I could survive.



  1. Mrs KTC – I didn’t know you were blogging again and I’m so sorry to hear about you’re having Lyme Disease! Will keep you in my prayers.

    1. Thanks for the prayers. I am doing much better now that the brain fog has lifted. The inability to think that was the worse. So glad to be able to write again!

      1. I’ve heard horror stories about Lyme disease and it’s insane that only recently is the medical community recognizing how serious it is. So glad you are doing better.

  2. I know it’s true. There are over 300,000 new known cases a year and over 300 different strains of Lyme (they only have diagnostic test for 3 strains). Some people are sick for years before properly diagnosed with Lyme and then after a round of antibiotics, they are still sick and are told that chronic Lyme doesn’t exist! The antibiotics didn’t help me not like the bee venom therapy has. I was lucky to get diagnosed fairly quickly and find a treatment that works.

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