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Delicioustacos why do I read you? You are depraved. But I keep coming back to read your posts. Because sometimes, sometimes  your lines are perfect. perfect. and I think why didn’t I write that? I shouldn’t admit to reading you- I don’t admit to reading you. Reading you may well be an occasion of sin-  you are depraved! but I come back because some lines are perfect. perfect! and I hope for more:

In nature I remember: I’m a tiny mote in God’s creation. No more significant than an insect. But no less perfect.

How could such a gem be in a post entitled “Morning Dairy: God/ Pony/ F***ing / Jungle slave wife / Gay teen meth Whore/”? I don’t know! Such is the curse of the manosphere.

Bee Venom Therapy for Lyme Disease


I feel so much better since starting BVT! I just want to shout it from the roof tops! Bee venom therapy works! It kills Lyme. Honeybees are miraculous healers!

I am blessed to have found this therapy, difficult though it may be I am blessed! Since beginning therapy, I have more energy, my air hunger has left, my heart palpitations have left, my brain fog has lifted and I have resumed one of my greatest passions- writing.

I still have fatigue, joint pain and headaches but they are manageable with this treatment and in two to three years I can expect a full recovery. A full recovery! Because BVT is not FDA approved we can not state that it is a cure. But it has been proven the Bee Venom Kills spirochetes*! BVT is hard, it is painful, but it works. And I want everyone who suffers from Lyme disease, who has lost their livelihoods, who has lost  their joys in life, to know that Bee Venom Therapy works!

Thank God! Praise God!


Studies on Bee Venom and Medical uses

How Bee Venom Saved my Life 

Pioneers Healing Lyme with Bee Venom 

Immunological Effect of Honey Bee Venom in Mice with Intracerebral Candidiasis 

Also the facebook group: Pioneers healing Lyme with Bee Venom Therapy provides tremendous support for those who elect to treat Lyme disease with BVT.

*The antimicrobial agent melittin exhibits powerful in vitro inhibitory effects on the Lyme disease spirochete.

Lubke LL, et al. Clin Infect Dis. 1997.


Borrelia burgdorferi has demonstrated a capacity to resist the in vitro effects of powerful eukaryotic and prokaryotic metabolic inhibitors. However, treatment of laboratory cultures on Barbour-Stoenner-Kelly medium with melittin, a 26-amino acid peptide contained in honeybee venom, showed immediate and profound inhibitory effects when they were monitored by dark-field microscopy, field emission scanning electron microscopy, and optical density measurements. Furthermore, at melittin concentrations as low as 100 microg/mL, virtually all spirochete motility ceased within seconds of inhibitor addition. Ultrastructural examination of these spirochetes by scanning electron microscopy revealed obvious alterations in the surface envelope of the spirochetes. The extraordinary sensitivity of B. burgdorferi to mellitin may provide both a research reagent useful in the study of selective permeability in microorganisms and important clues to the development of effective new drugs against lyme disease.

PMID 9233664 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]Full textFull text from provider (HighWire)

my blog posts on Lyme:

In Sickness and Health 





John C Wright on 19th Amendment

read in full  Repeal the 19th Amendment

an excerpt:

But women and naturally less suited for war and conflict than men. If the vote were restricted solely to men, perhaps the public debate over public laws would make fighting wars and fighting crime its primary, or even its only, order of business. Perhaps all these other things, housecleaning the environment, mothering the poor, schoolmarming the schools, would be done privately, not by the government.

Perhaps if women did not vote, they could see to the environment, the schools, and the poor through the institutions of the Church, which are better suited to charitable activity and feminine compassion than the hard and harsh swords and balances of townhall.

The Nanny State only exists in nations where all the Nannies were given a vote.



P.S. Mrs. Wood also linked to Wright’s article: thinkinghousewife 

Ann Barnhart on Feminism

Describes my evening prayers perfectly:

On the Rock

Ann Barnhart has joined The Remnant.  I present her first piece, “Diabolical Narcissim: “Go Clean Up the Kitchen You Stupid, Stupid Woman” without comment.  What could I possibly add to this?

A sample:

My evening ritual before turning in for the night was, in order, to go into the kitchen, wash and dry any and all dishes and cookware used that day, including the coffee pot, lift the grates off of the gas stovetop and thoroughly clean and polish the stainless steel stovetop, clean the countertops, kitchen table, and stainless steel double basin sink, and finally replace the stove grates and then set upon the perfectly clean stove the small saucepan for my friend to heat his milk for the next morning’s coffee.

Bear in mind, rarely were any of the dishes dirtied by me, as I ate out more often than not.  Further, I was almost never the…

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Proverbs 31

From Proverbs 31 woman ebook I’ve been reading as a Lenten reflection:

So let me tell you what a wife of noble character does not look like:

1. She does not rival her husband.

2. She does not mope around and complain about her housework.

3. She does not overspend and put her family into debt.

4. She is not bored, discontent, greedy or selfish.

5. She does not gossip and slander others.

6. She does not spend her days doing leisurely shopping, texting, emailing, web browsing, watching late night movies, and sleeping in.

7. She does not criticize, mock, or disrespect her husband.

8. She does not have children and a husband who embarrass her.

9. She does not let her outer beauty take precedence over her inner beauty.

10. She does not take God’s word lightly.

A wife of noble character, who can find? She is rare! And when she is found – her value is priceless! She is a treasure to her husband. I want to be that ruby! In order to become like the Proverbs 31 woman, we must humble ourselves and see our flaws. We must be willing to change some things – our attitudes, our thought patterns, our work ethic, our words, and what we spend our time on. But by God’s grace, you can become a woman of noble character! So for today, begin by evaluating yourself against the list above. Which character quality are you weak in? Pray and ask God for the strength to change!

Helping Your Man

“But the reality is that women today do not think of themselves in the context of helping “their man.” Women today have been brainwashed into thinking that efforts in that direction are in the category of oppression, subservience, and catering to frail male egos. It is sad that this is the prevalent point of view, because interdependence is what ultimately feeds both the man and the woman what they truly need to be happy.”
― Dr. Laura Schlessinger