1. Amen! That is a great article. I especially like this part,

    “My belief is that relations between the sexes are totally dysfunctional because they have become the theater of an idols’ cult. Passion is a religious experience whose intensity grows as apostasy becomes complete. Men and women are desperately looking for a savior in each other.”

    When you have a strong relationship with Christ, He meets those needs we all have, so you are free to love freely. There is no need for control or resentment because your needs are not being met by a person. We love people out of overflow, because the love that has been show to us by Christ has a very reflective nature and spills over onto others.

    As to the red pills, I just despair watching them embrace the same evo/psych theories as Richard Dawkins. In their little world women are hardly human, we are simply biological units ruled by hypergamy and as such, can have no higher selves. Women become these flat two dimensional creatures, that exist only as a shameful example of failing to ever meet men’s needs. It’s a rather subtle and perverse form of goddess worship.

  2. Thanks for the post. …I agree with the first part, in that ‘insensitive and unreflective (behaviour in men) gives the illusion of mastery.’

    I would not agree with: ‘sensitiveness and thoughtfulness in a woman reduce her sex appeal.’ I would say that people go by the blase and the blatant rather than the Refined. Alas.

    Yeah, We Have to Turn to God. Or else what life if there?

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