Authority is Paramount


I am enjoying the book Fascinating Womanhood. It is extremely helpful and I have found it a bit more applicable to me than Laura Doyle’s book the Surrendered Wife (also a very helpful read) I believe that is because Helen Andelin writes a bit more about children and family life:

A family is not a democracy, where everyone casts his vote. The family is a theocracy, where the father’s word is law. In the home the presiding authority is always vested in the father, and in all home affairs and family matters, no other authority is paramount. This arrangement is not arbitrary or unfair. It’s a matter of the law and order in the Kingdom of God.

This excerpt struck me:

You may tend to claim jurisdiction over your children, since you have given them life and are in charge of their daily care. You may feel the right to determine discipline, instruction, religious affiliation, and other important things. If you clash with your husband on these matters, you may feel an inalienable right to the final say. This is not so. Although you have the sacred responsibility of motherhood, you are not their leader. Your husband is the shepherd of his flock and in full command.

Although I do not undermine my husband’s authority by disagreeing with his disciplining methods and  try very hard to be a united front, I often have to fight the feeling of having an inalienable right to the final say when it comes to raising the children. This passage was rather eye opening for me. I am beginning to see many of my faults rather clearly now.


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