Day: January 21, 2015

The Marriage of Mary and St. Joseph: an example to us all


“The Mystical City Of God” by Venerable Mary of Agreda is a fascinating, devout, and mysterious read.  I was particularly  struck by the visions she had concerning Mary’s submission to her spouse, St. Joseph. Her obedience and submission is an example for all married women. Let us meditate on this passage and seek to imitate our Blessed Mother’s obedience and submission in our own marriage:

Mary Agreda’s vision of St. Joseph and Mary searching for lodgings in Bethlehem:

The most modest Queen followed her spouse through the crowds of people, while he went from house to house and from door to door. Although she knew that the hearts of the house of men were to be closed to them, and although to expose her state at her age to the public gaze was more painful to her modesty than their failure to procure night- lodging, She nevertheless wished to obey Saint Joseph and suffer this unmerited pain.

Another detail that hit me was when Mary spoke to St. Joseph she addressed him as, “My spouse and my Master.” Mary, the Mother of God, submitted herself to her earthly spouse. Let me repeat that. Mary, the Mother of God, submitted herself to her  earthly spouse.  She wanted to obey st. Joseph and she rejoiced in each opportunity she had to submit to his authority!

Let us reflect on her love and ask her to intercede for us as we try to imitate her great respect for her spouse.

Mary, Queen of patriarchs, pray for us!