Working Grandmothers

grandmotherMy mother and mother-in-law both work full time jobs. I wish they didn’t. As a housewife, I miss their support. I wish they were available to take the children to the park with me or watch them while I go grocery shopping or be around so I could ask them questions or advice. I wish I could stop by grandma’s house on those rough days for a cup of tea while the children play. But they are only available during the weekends and they do seem overwrought.

We hear the importance of young mothers being the keepers of the home in conservative circles, but let’s not forget the importance of older women tending to their home’s as well. I wish my children’s grandmothers were their for me a bit more. I wish they didn’t work full time. I feel their absence. I miss their company.



  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. I can relate to this article, especially. I have felt the same way! It seems to me that a lot of moms see the empty nest as a chance to focus on themselves! Being a “keeper at home” should continue as long as there is a home to keep.
    -Truth at Home

  2. I just realized that my previous comment almost sounds like I’m criticizing your family members–far from it! I was simply making an observation about what I see around me in general, and expressing some of the disappointment I personally feel regarding the choices some people close to me have made. I really appreciate your perspective on this.
    -Truth at Home

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It’s always fun to get some feedback. I really don’t think my family members realize how much I feel their absence! It’s also hard to express to them how I miss their support, because I know they are doing what they think is beneficial to society and their family.

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