Month: October 2014

Little Things

What many wives don’t know is that when they demand their way, refuse to bend or cave on small issues, they can, at times, destroy the intimacy and unity of their marriages and set a very ungodly example for their children.  I pay dearly in intimacy and unity in our marriage when I become inflexible, completely determined to have “my way” no matter what the cost and I tenaciously “stick to my guns” on the smallest of issues.

From Peaceful Wife’s Blog.

I am reminded of St. Therese and her little way. To deny self in the littlest things for love of God and neighbor. If we are married we must also deny self for our husband. We must respect his authority – given to him by God. How many little things we can sacrifice in love! It is not enough to admire the grace God gives us, we must wrap ourselves in His grace we must apply that grace.

He prefers to be at Mass 5 min before the procession, don’t complain, don’t argue, respect it. He hates things on the bed when he comes home, you like to fold laundry there, he likes to relax there when he comes home. Have it cleared before he’s home. Deny self. I know my husband has my best interests in mind – he loves me. I love him. We are on the same side. What is it to take his preference into account? It is nothing, it is everything, it is denying self. It is love.

Dear God, Let me love!

Upon Meeting My Husband


We met at his family’s house eight years ago today. I knew his younger sister and his family invited me over for dinner one night. When he walked in the room, I looked up at him and he smiled. My heart skipped a beat. He walked over to me sat down right across from me- keeping eye contact the entire time, fixed, interested and amused.

He talked to me in such a way, like I was the only one there, he wasn’t nervous, he had such a quiet confidence I remember, directing the conversation in a gentle manner,  asking me what I thought from time to time, teasing me. We certainly hit it off but he didn’t actually ask me out for another four months! Leaving me in such agony! I worried that he wasn’t really interested in me. Thankfully, he was. We dated for six months before becoming engaged (despite failing several so called “wife tests” which he still teases me about mind you) and we were married within a year of our engagement.

I look back on meeting him for the first time so fondly. I cherish it and ponder it whenever I feel discouraged, because I know it’s all still there- that chemistry, that attraction it’s  there, it’s just a matter of seeing that new love, that untested love, tested and refined. And when I reflect on our first meeting the excitement of then spills over to the now. Here I am, now, serving that same wonderful man. The one who made my heart skip, who threw rocks at my window, who made me his bride, a mother, who now sacrifices so much for me. When I take time to ponder all this, my load is lightened and any resentment built up towards my duties is gone. How good it is to love, to be given little ways to love. Do not miss these opportunities, they are given to you each day!

You, O brides, lift up your hearts.

“And do you, O brides, lift up your hearts. Do not be content merely to accept, and–one might almost say–to tolerate this authority of your husbands, to whom God has subjected you according to the dispositions of nature and of grace; in your sincere submission you must love that authority and love it with the same respectful love you bear towards the authority of Our Lord Himself from Whom all authority flows.” ~Pope Pius XII, Allocution to Newly-Weds.


Holy Face Chaplet

holyfaceThe Chaplet of The Holy Face

To honor the Five wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to ask of God the Triumph of His Holy Church.

Sign yourself with the cross and say: O God, Come to my assistance/ O, Lord make haste to help me.

Glory be to the Father . . .

On the first three single beads say: My Jesus, Mercy. Glory be to the Father, ect.

On the group beads of six say: Arise, O Lord, and let thy enemies be scattered/ and let them that hate Thee flee before Thy face

On the Single beads between the decades say: My Jesus, Mercy. Glory be to the Father ect.

On the Medal say: O God, Our protector look upon us /and look upon the face of Thy Christ.

33 beads in honor of Our Lord’s 33 years.

Holy Face Chaplet adj

To Obey

In our first year of marriage I didn’t think that I “obeyed” my husband very much. I mean he never really gave me direct orders and there was little conflict- we agreed upon most everything it seemed. But as the years rolled by I realized that obedience was more than heeding direct orders. I realized that obedience was in  cleaning up the bedroom before he came home, not because he told me to, but because I knew he hated to deal with clutter after work. It was in fixing his favorite dinner,  wearing a dress I knew he loved, or simply biting my tongue and appreciating his advice instead of criticizing it. Obedience, you probably do it more often than you think.