June’s Poet: Robert Frost

Photographic Records 4-59-31 Robert Frost in 1892     This month’s poet is Robert Frost. Last month’s poetess was Louise Glück and while I liked a few of her poems (my favorite was her eight part poem on Moses “Day Without Night”) and really enjoyed reading her thoughts on  poetry  in her introductions, I found her difficult to dig into. There were many poems I just outright disliked (mocked orange comes to mind). In general I was never quite sure where she was going with it all. The poet Robert Hass has called her, “one of the purest and most accomplished lyric poets now writing,” All I have to say to that is, I hope not. Ah, well,  I am being harsh. At least I know her name,  have an idea of her work and if someone mentions her in conversation, I won’t be completely lost. Perhaps I will come back to her in a few years with  a greater appreciation. I am, of course,  more familiar with Robert Frost and have always liked his poetry.  I needed a familiar poet to fall into after Glück.


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