Day: May 29, 2014

The Ascension


Hands, feet, side –

Perfectly marred and scarred

A finger to touch the

Living wounds must rise.


Forty days of rebirth,

A foundation laid

A kingdom restored

To the ends of the earth.


Followers look on amazed

As a cloud raised-

the heavens opened

to behold the Son of man.


The season’s of the Lord,

Cannot be disclosed –

Yet he will return

Just as he has been

lifted from your sight.





A child came running to me

With  gifts of weeds

and set them on the picnic table.

There the dandelions were left,

It was not their fault that they were blown in-

a child’s whim to be dropped,

Shrivelled and dried.

these settlers’

stems’ and veins’ ends

were not here, but

in impartial joy-

What am I to say anyway?

That dandelions are intruders, squatters,

I might as well say:

That Father Christmas is myth,

Fairies don’t really exist,

Weeds- do not gift.