Careerist? Homemaker? Something else?


The subject of women and careers is being discussed here and here.

I also dug up these which touch on the matter. I found them helpful as mother of several daughters :

In College wanting marriage and family

Should men ask their wives to work?

Occasionally, I have heard of husbands asking their wives to work, but mostly I have seen women assume a part-time job to “help out.” They were never pointedly asked to do so. Many times, they took on this burden through mistrust in their husband’s ability to provide. This should be avoided because their reasons were rooted in fear.

A housewife should be productive, “To have a deadbeat stay-at-home wife is a curse.” A housewife who also runs a small home-based business is not a careerist. These businesses can be a great blessing to families. They can make some money, can easily be scaled back or abandoned entirely if the need arises and they provide a wonderful learning opportunity for children.

Also, single women can have jobs outside the home and not be a careerists. They can work and still have their hearts and minds pointed towards marriage  and family – but it must be done consciously.

As a mother, it is my duty to teach my daughters that being a housewife is honorable and dignified work – it is not degrading. If this is instilled in their hearts and minds, they will seek it for themselves or, perhaps, another vocation which supports these truths.



  1. Appreciate the linkage, MrsKTC. One thing I noted was how different the couples we encounter are.

    I know far more women who want to come home but whose husbands feel their income is needed than vice versa. My own husband feels very strongly about the importance of my being at home but he is quite the exception to what I have witnessed as a rule.

  2. I spoke a little of this topic today on my post. Sometimes a wife has to work to help stretch her husband’s income. I have been babysitting for years so that I could still be here for my own children. I also think if the wife working is not unavoidable, she still needs to realize that keeping her home comes first. So she she can either work opposite hours of her husband, someone is home with the kids or have close family caring for her kids rather than daycare.

    We live in a time when we are sometimes faced with difficult choices and we have to just look for the best solutions possible.

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