Month: February 2014


Lines drawn and fraught,

Borders unearthed, meet as

Distinctions are sought.

Some cross with feeble faith

And some cross in eager fate-

in wanting,

Yet others set at heel and head.

Still, a prophet in exile knows

shaven some find strength

Samson he is not.

With turban taut and ashen face

He is emptied

Yet no longer longing,

And in this he knows-

All will be crossed.


A subtle knot connects and ties-

Joined in hope, bound in grief

It binds and loosens, breaks –


Fine, fixed and firm-

Defined yet uncertain,

What binds, seals and yokes.

According in hope and pain-

subtle it maintains.

Accept and allow – hold and be held!

For in snarls links and chains,

a crafted unity is deemed.