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I really don’t appreciate you decorating my blog and wordpress reader with the gay pride rainbow. I get it, you’re happy about the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage, but what about tolerating those of us who don’t share your views? What about allowing us the freedom to celebrate or to not celebrate, as we see fit?

Why would you presume it was okay to force everyone to display a symbolic icon declaring our support and celebration on our very own blogs, whether we want it or not? Did we consent to this? Isn’t that dishonoring to individuals and choice? Do I step into your house and tell you how to decorate, what issues you are mandated to agree with?

WordPress is supposed to an open blogging platform that encourages people to share their views. You’ve taken my choice away from me and decorated the platform with a political…

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Doubts about Alice von Hildebrand on the sacredness of women

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As many of my friends on CP&S will know, Dr. Alice von Hildebrand has always been (and always will be) some sort of heroine for me. I have long admired her wisdom, insights and traditional Catholic views, especially those dealing with true femininity and the family. However, this post by Joseph Shaw is, IMO, pointing out an evident flaw in Alice’s reasoning recently, one that I do not think she is aware of herself. (In other words: women are not ever “superior” to men, as Alice appears to be saying, only different and with distinct roles; both sexes created by God in the beginning to be of equal dignity and value, and to compliment each other.) Therefore I thought this article would interest our readers, following on from the discussions on the notorious Bruce Jenner sex-change affair.

From Joseph Shaw on LMS Chairman blog.

Mantillas at St David's, Pantasaph, during the St Catherine's Trust Summer School Mantillas at St David’s, Pantasaph, during…

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    “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” W.B. Yeats.


  My oldest is almost 6, the age of formal schooling, and suddenly charts, stickers, schedules, assignments, tests and deadlines are deemed necessary for learning. The more I think about school, the more I find myself leaning towards this idea of unschooling . . .