Feminism Is a Sin Against Children

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In a sermon about our knowledge through Natural Law of how women differ from men and the obligations that follow, the Thomist Fr. Chad Ripperger makes a very important statement that modern women need to face. It is truly sickening to see the amount of otherwise conservative Catholic women who refuse to confront the obvious obligation we have to stay home. Exceptional personalities, abilities, and “aspirations” (i.e., selfishness) are ultimately accidental; this bears upon every one of us.

The child has a moral right to this intellectual formation. The fulfillment of this right is incumbent on the woman to stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary. This is a divinely established task for the woman, that is, taking care of children. . . . The husband has a right that the woman fulfill her domestic responsibilities; he has to work, and therefore he cannot take care of the home and of the children…

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My Book List

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iphone Jan 19, 2014 032Some of my best friends are books. :)

A good book is like a fine companion who pours forth its treasures and lightens your days, strengthens your heart and inspires you to grow!

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. ~James Bryce

I put together this list of books that have especially helped me through the years. I have read much more than these…many, many books. Looking at my bookshelves you see that they are bursting….and this is only half of them. :)IMG_2866

All good books are special but the following books are extra-special. They stand out among the rest.

I know I have not thought of all of them and I may add to this list as I go along.

Some of the books that are on personal development may be a little controversial for you. I put them…

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