You, O brides, lift up your hearts.

“And do you, O brides, lift up your hearts. Do not be content merely to accept, and–one might almost say–to tolerate this authority of your husbands, to whom God has subjected you according to the dispositions of nature and of grace; in your sincere submission you must love that authority and love it with the same respectful love you bear towards the authority of Our Lord Himself from Whom all authority flows.” ~Pope Pius XII, Allocution to Newly-Weds.


Cardinal Burke: The Pope has done a lot of harm

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From BuzzFeed NEWS: 

Cardinal Raymond Burke leaves meeting during Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Vatican City.Franco Origlia / Getty Images

A top cardinal told BuzzFeed News on Friday that the worldwide meeting of church leaders coming to a close in Rome seemed to have been designed to “weaken the church’s teaching and practice” with the apparent blessing of Pope Francis.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, an American who heads the Vatican’s highest court of canon law, made the remarks in a phone interview from the Vatican, where a two-week Extraordinary Synod on the Family will conclude this weekend. An interim report of the discussions released on Monday, called the Relatio, produced a widespread backlash among conservative bishops who said it suggested a radical change to the church’s teaching on questions like divorce and homosexuality, and Burke has been among the most publicly critical of the bishops picked by Pope Francis…

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Holy Face Chaplet

holyfaceThe Chaplet of The Holy Face

To honor the Five wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to ask of God the Triumph of His Holy Church.

Sign yourself with the cross and say: O God, Come to my assistance/ O, Lord make haste to help me.

Glory be to the Father . . .

On the first three single beads say: My Jesus, Mercy. Glory be to the Father, ect.

On the group beads of six say: Arise, O Lord, and let thy enemies be scattered/ and let them that hate Thee flee before Thy face

On the Single beads between the decades say: My Jesus, Mercy. Glory be to the Father ect.

On the Medal say: O God, Our protector look upon us /and look upon the face of Thy Christ.

33 beads in honor of Our Lord’s 33 years.

Holy Face Chaplet adj

Feminists insists a WWII statue be removed because it depicts ‘sexual assault’



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Katherine Timpf writes at National Review about a French feminist group that insists the statue below depicts sexual assault.

The statue, placed near Pegasus Bridge in Northern France to mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day, depicts a sailor kissing a woman to celebrate V-J Day in New York City on August 14, 1945.

But the French feminist group Osez Le Féminisme has claimed that what the statue actually portrays is the sexual assault of a woman who did not give verbal consent before being kissed, and the group is petitioning to have it removed immediately.

Alfred Eisenstaedt, who took the original photograph, has said that George Mendonsa, the sailor depicted in the image, had been haphazardly kissing any…

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To Obey

In our first year of marriage I didn’t think that I “obeyed” my husband very much. I mean he never really gave me direct orders and there was little conflict- we agreed upon most everything it seemed. But as the years rolled by I realized that obedience was more than heeding direct orders. I realized that obedience was in  cleaning up the bedroom before he came home, not because he told me to, but because I knew he hated to deal with clutter after work. It was in fixing his favorite dinner,  wearing a dress I knew he loved, or simply biting my tongue and appreciating his advice instead of criticizing it. Obedience, you probably do it more often than you think.

More helpful tips for the scrupulous.

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“Whenever… the scrupulous person finds, after confession, no firm conviction of complete forgiveness, and therefore, no real peace of mind, he must reach this conclusion- “It is not the sacrament which is at fault, but myself; confession is not wrong in relation to me; but somehow I am wrong in my relation to confession.” UNTIL THIS ADMISSION IS MADE, THERE CAN BE NO LASTING CURE FOR SCRUPLES.” – Fr. Hubert McEvoy, SJ.

“All Our Lord’s dealings with sinners- and they are frequent enough- show that He required for full forgiveness nothing more than the simplest, undetailed expression of guilt and regret. The publican struck his breast: “O God, be merciful to me, a sinner!” and went down to his house justified. Mary Magdalene at His feet spoke no word… The scrupulous must, then, first realise that nowhere in the Gospels is there any sign that Our Lord wants the kind…

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